Daniel FÉAU – Rue du Bac
The specialist in real estate in Paris and the western suburbs
The leading Parisian real estate agency with an international dimension, we are established in the capital’s most beautiful neighbourhoods, as well as in the sought-after western suburbs, Provence and Normandy. Like any successful perennial family business, Daniel Féau is a company that adheres unwaveringly to core values shared by our one hundred and eighty employees across our twenty-seven agencies, and notably efficiency, customer service, confidentiality and ethics in the sale of real estate.

Person-to-person relationships are particularly important to us. A specific team member is dedicated to each owner, coordinating actions within his or her agency, as well as with our other teams and our international networks, in order to ensure the success of each sale. In 2021, our Daniel Féau agencies achieved 26% of all Parisian sales at prices in excess of 2 million euro, i.e. 2.812 billion euro*, and 42.4% of Parisian sales at prices above 4 million euro, i.e. 795 million euro*. Each year, Daniel Féau also sells between 600 and 700 apartments at prices ranging from 500,000 euro to 2 million euro.

The close ties we maintain with our international clients and long-standing relationships with wealth managers and international private banks are major factors contributing to the high proportion of foreigner buyers who purchase properties we market. Vendors entrusting their asset to Daniel Féau benefit exclusively from our international real estate network:

Christie’s International Real Estate, world leader in the upmarket and luxury sector, achieved sales in residential real estate with a total value of $500 billion over the past five years. Established in over one hundred countries, from the United States to China, our international network dominates the global market for luxury residential properties.

26 rue du Bac 75007 Paris
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