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Carré Rive Gauche
There are some places so steeped in history and beauty that they simply cannot go unnoticed, and Carré Rive Gauche, at the strategic heart of the 6th and 7th arrondissement, is one such place. The generations of antique dealers and gallery owners who have chosen to set up shop there are proof of its allure. Each and every one of them, in their own way, have showered their love on this part of town, adding to its shine along the way. Carré Rive Gauche today represents art in all its diversity, offering its visitors a voyage through 7,000 years of art history.
The association was founded in 1977 by several like-minded and passionate art dealers, paying tribute to the soul of the neighbourhood and its illustrious denizens. Juliette Récamier, Charles Baudelaire, Amedeo Modigliani, Alexandre Dumas, Jean-Auguste Ingres, Max Ernst, Jacques Lacan and Serge Gainsbourg have left their mark there, giving Carré Rive Gauche such an uncommon aura.
Forty years later, Carré Rive Gauche has lost none of the ardour and charm of its youth. Every year during its much-awaited spring event, members and supporters of the association gather to promote a theme showcasing objects of endless bedazzlement during the occasion. The association’s dynamism and openness have driven it to keep reinventing itself by organising original events and entering new partnerships. In line with this approach, the Carré Rive Gauche endowment fund was created, aiming to promote the arts and its related professions, and contribute to the conservation of heritage in collaboration with the most distinguished museums.
Staying true to its values and traditions, Carré Rive Gauche never ceases to amaze while it continues to take new chances by offering an exceptional panoramic view of decorative arts.

List of Antiques and Art Galleries in alphabetical order

1831 Art Gallery
Contemporary Arts

Arthème Galerie
Contemporary art and creations

The Far East arts, Chinese archeology

Galerie F. Baulme Fine Arts
Galerie de tableaux, dessins et sculptures du XVIe au XIXe siècles

Galerie Belliard
Furniture and art objects XVIII-XIX, seats, gilded wood, mahogany furniture

JM Béalu et fils
China and Japan porcelain, ancient drawings

Galerie BJF
Paintings, drawings, sculptures old

Galerie Canavese
Paintings, drawings, modern and contemporary sculptures

Gérard Conte
Furniture, art objects, curiosité

Galerie Carole Decombe
Scandinavian furniture from the Eighteenth to the Seventies - Contemporary Art

Galerie Delalande
Marine and sciences objects, tabacco and opium objects, great canes and curiosités

Gallery Delesalle-Hourton
Furniture, art objects, curiosité

Ceramics and glassware

Anne Duchange
Asian Arts

Galerie Gilgamesh
Archaeology and Civilization

Véronique Girard
Silverware, plates, cutlery, porcelain Chantilly

Galerie Golovanoff
Furniture, decoration, chandelier, Russian neoclassical Paintings and Northern Europe

Jean Pierre Gros
Furniture, art objects, curiosité

Michèle Hayem
Modern and Contemporary Art

I-Gallery. Intelligence
Twentieth century arts and Design

Galerie Jantzen / Artcannes
Walking stick of collection, decoratives, gadgets canes or folk art. Curio items.

Galerie Lamy-Chabolle
Furniture and art objects nineteenth century

Galerie Laffon-Vosseler
Decorative Arts from 1890 to 1970

Gabrielle Laroche
Artists of yesterday and today

Bertrand de Lavergne
Archaeology and Civilization, Ceramics and fire arts

Galerie Vincent Lécuyer
Paintings and sculptures of 19th and 20th centuries

Jacques Leegenhoek
Paintings, drawings, sculptures old

Gérard Lévy
The Far East Arts

Galerie Gilles Linossier
Furniture, art objects, curiosité

Galerie Marie Biancarelli
Furniture, art objects, curiosité

Myrna Myers
Ceramics, Far East Arts

Didier-Jean Nénert
Furniture, art objects, curiosité

Laurent Oïffer-Bomsel
Furniture, art objects, curiosité

L'Œil du Pélican

La Pendulerie
Furniture, art objects, curiosité

Galerie Jérôme Pla
Furniture, art objects, curiosité

Galerie Studio Rouge Absolu
Decoration and interior architecture

Galerie Théorème
Ceramics arts and fire arts

Galerie Tiago
Lakes in Europe, China and Japan, paintings, drawings, sculptures

Galerie Vandermeersch
Ceramics arts and fire arts

Philippe Vichot
Furniture, art objects, curiosité

Antoine Villeneuve
Paintings, drawings, modern and contemporary sculptures