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Carré Rive Gauche
Carré Rive Gauche
Carré Rive Gauche –Antique dealers and art galleries association since 1977
Rue du Bac, rue de Beaune, rue de Lille, rue Montalembert, rue des Saints-Pères, rue de l’Université, rue de Verneuil, quai Voltaire. Paris VII and VI.
Metro: Rue du Bac (Ligne 12) / Saint-Germain-des-Prés (Ligne 4)
Park: Bac Montalembert (Accès par l’angle rue du Bac et rue Montalembert) / Saint-Germain (Accès face au 169 boulevard Saint-Germain) / Louvre (Accès par le tunnel des Tuileries)

There are some places so steeped in history and beauty that they simply cannot go unnoticed, and Carré Rive Gauche, at the strategic heart of the 7th arrondissement, is one such place. The generations of antique dealers and gallery owners who have chosen to set up shop there are proof of its allure. Each and every one of them, in their own way, have showered their love on this part of town, adding to its shine along the way. Carré Rive Gauche today represents art in all its diversity, offering its visitors a voyage through 7 000 years of art history.

The association was founded in 1977 by several like-minded and passionate art dealers, paying tribute to the soul of the neighbourhood and its illustrious denizens. Juliette Récamier, Charles Baudelaire, Amedeo Modigliani, Alexandre Dumas, Jean-Auguste Ingres, Max Ernst, Jacques Lacan and Serge Gainsbourg have left their mark there, giving Carré Rive Gauche such an uncommon aura.

Forty years later, Carré Rive Gauche has lost none of the ardour and charm of its youth. Every year during its much-awaited spring event, members and supporters of the association gather to promote a theme showcasing objects of endless bedazzlement during the occasion. The association's dynamism and openness have driven it to keep reinventing itself by organising original events and entering new partnerships. In line with this approach, the Carré Rive Gauche endowment fund was created, aiming to promote the arts and its related professions, and contribute to the conservation of heritage in collaboration with the most distinguished museums.

Staying true to its values and traditions, Carré Rive Gauche never ceases to amaze while it continues to take new chances by offering an exceptional panoramic view of decorative arts.

Carré Rive Gauche 2017
The members of the Carré Rive Gauche will be pleased to welcome their public of art lovers and collectors in a joyful and fun atmosphere.

Jean-Louis Herlédan

President - 1831 Art Gallery - 6, rue de Lille.
Jean-Louis Herlédan was born into a family of art collectors, with a mother who was an antique dealer. After a childhood in the provinces, he settled in Paris to pursue his studies at the École Estienne. There he met his future wife, Aude, who became a painter and sculptor. They have three children together.

Their life is driven by their passion for the arts and their various collections, including eighteenth-century furniture, portraits, curiosities, tribal arts and contemporary works. It was an ancestor, also a collector, born in 1831, who inspired the name of their contemporary art gallery, the 1831 Art Gallery, located at 6 rue de Lille in the heart of the Carré Rive Gauche.

Jean-Louis Herlédan likes exchanges and lays claim to a kind of cultural eclecticism: “I am quite simply curious. I love the history behind objects and I feel that beautiful works have a soul...”

Michèle Hayem

Chief Administrative Officer - Galerie Michèle Hayem – 5 rue de Beaune.
Having been brought up in the world of the arts, Michèle Hayem’s eye and taste were honed thanks to the three generations of antique dealers who preceded her.

Michèle Hayem opened her first gallery opposite the National School of Fine Arts, where she specialised in the work of the Russian painter Oscar Rabine. In 2010, she moved into the heart of the Carré Rive Gauche, naturally opting for art furniture and ceramics.
In the works of contemporary artists, Michèle Hayem looks for a quality and spirit that will leave their mark over time.

Galerie Michèle Hayem


Anouch Kasparian

Treasurer - Galerie Marie Maxime – 18 rue des Saints-Pères.
Daughter of an antique dealer, Anouch Kasparian went into partnership with her aunt, founder of the Marie Maxime gallery.

Anouch grew up within an art-filled environment, surrounded by antique dealers. She developed a passion for the French eighteenth century, especially for precious objects of charm and virtue.

After many years spent at the Louvre des Antiquaires, the two partners moved into rue des Saints-Pères, where they sought to make their gallery the showcase of the modernity and variety of these surprising objects that were indispensable in their time, while sharing this passion with collectors, amateurs or novices.

Galerie Marie Maxime


Gaulthier Aubert

Vice-President - Galerie Gilles Linossier – 11 quai Voltaire.
Gaulthier Aubert is a native of Normandy. This young art enthusiast grew up in Rouen, a city of history and heritage. There he studied law before moving to Paris to follow studies in history of art.

He subsequently became department head of a major auction house, where he enhanced his knowledge of the art market. He organised and participated in numerous sales, covering all specialities.

With his wealth of all-round experience, he joined the Gilles Linossier gallery and specialised in eighteenth-century French furniture. Based on the quai Voltaire, opposite the Louvre, he now handles the works that created “French Taste” at the time of the Enlightenment.

Galerie Gilles Linossier