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Carré Rive Gauche
Galerie Carole Decombe
Scandinavian furniture
from the 18th Century to the Seventies
Contemporary Art

Galerie Carole Decombe
30 rue de Lille
75007 Paris
M. +33(0)6 75 04 27 05

Open Monday to Saturday

From 11 a.m to 7 p.m

News of the Gallery



December 10th - January 12th 201 7

From December 10th to January 12th, the gallery stages a singular "conversation", a farewell to 2016 exhibition built on daring associations and mixing of genres, from the 18th to the 20th and 21st centuries. Pieces of lighting, decorative art and furniture, of seemingly opposed style, mix together along with photography and painting. Beyong the splitting of categories, they exchange in an emotion-provoking conversation.




Texte galerie

Manager: Carole Decombe



Femmes ! Femmes ! Femmes !

May 31st - July 13th 2016.

Women are an inspiring subject and this year, they are Carré Rive Gauche Spring Event's theme. On this occasion, the gallery presents new creations by the women artists it has shown since its opening: Isabelle Sicart (ceramics artist), Manuela Paul-Cavallier (gilder and painter), Valérie Kling and Agnès Baillon (sculptors), LiliRoze and Diana Lui (photographers). Beautiful, poetic and political works by inspired and talented artists, gathered around furniture pieces from the 1950's designed by Nanna Ditzel - "First Lady of Danish Design" - who made her mark on decorative arts thanks to her daring and innovative personality.



March 29th to May 3rd 2016

“Sensitive Intensity” shows the works of two sculptors, Agnès Baillon and Eric de Dormael. One uses resin and papier mâché for figurative works, while the other produces abstract creations of brass and light. Their universes therefore appear to be very different, however they get along right from the start, a dialogue begins and magic kicks in. A real-life couple, they have produced exclusive pieces of sculpture together exceptionally for the gallery.

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HUMANIST MODERNISM, a winter exhibition

January 28th to March 2nd 2016

"Humanist Modernism" shows how Scandinavian designers developed a humanist approach to their creation, mixing international modernism principles with local traditional crafts. They reinvented traditional pine furniture, giving it new and extremely simple shapes. The highlights of this exhibition are a table and chairs by Axel Einar Hjorth and David Blomberg, displayed alongside Danish ceramic lamps and wall lights by Kähler.


November 26th - January 6th 2016

Mydriaz is a trio of artists – Jennifer Midoz,  Malo du Bouëtiez and Cyril Kaleka – who gathered up their talents to create pieces of lighting and furniture that are both functional and artistic. Their research focuses on the effects of light,  diffuse or specular, when it hits brass, their material of choice.

From November 26th 2015 to January 6th 2016,  “Reflection” presents a selection of their works : wall lamps, chandeliers or table, astonishing pieces named “Mercury”, “Prism” or “Stick insect”.



From Sept 24th to Nov 24th 2015

A mixed display of decorative arts, combining lighting, ceramics, furniture…, come livening up a charming Scandinavian interior – with the works of designers Grete Jalk, Gunnar Nylund, Bjorn Wiinblad or Hans-Agne Jakobsson.


EN FILIGRANE - Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

From June 3rd to July 14th

"En Filigrane" celebrates the filigree technique and highlights the work of glass blower Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert. His filigree pieces are displayed opposite a 17th Century Venitian tazza, thus showing that a centuries old technique can be reinvented and still inspires today's talented creators.

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IN PARADISE - with Kerstin Hörlin Holmquist

From March 12th to April 18th 2015.

In 1956, while Scandinavian design favoured lines and right angles, Swedish designer Kerstin Hörlin Holmquist created the “Paradise” collection, a series of free-shaped furniture whose sensual curves witness a playful femininity.

From March 12th to April 18th, the Galerie Carole Decombe takes off to Holmquist’s paradise and displays her divine creation: “Eve” and “Adam” armchairs, “Paradise” sofa and “Garden of Delights” lounge chair.




Collective exhibition

From December 4th to January 26th

With winter approaching, the Gallery Carole Decombe immerses itself in a white mood, a white atmsophere made up of pieces especially made for the gallery and previously unseen work by:

- Emmanuel Levet-Stenne, designer and sculptor

- Diana Lui, photographer

- Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert, glass-blower

- Mauro Mori, designer and sculptor

- Isabelle Sicart, ceramist

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From September 11th to November 11th, 2014

The creation of decorative lights and lamps plays a central role in Scandinavia. Not only does it make up for the lack of natural light during the long winter months but it also creates a social relationship, and this has been the case for many years. Among the Scandinavian designers who have become masters of the art, the Galerie Carole Decombe has chosen to put on display the creations of Hans-Agne Jakobsson (1919-2009), less well known internationally than in his native Sweden despite the quality and originality of his work. The “Shape and light” exhibition, organized together with Patrick Anselme-Kindt Larsen, presents an original, electic selection of his works, with each item astonishing you more than the previous one. Ceiling lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps confirm the creator’s inventiveness and personal stylistic design.

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December 5th- january 20th

As a gift, a six hands exhibition
showing light sculpltures of Valerie Kling,
black and white photographies of LiliROZE,
unique hair- bands by Nathalie Seiller Dejean.

Portraits intimes - Diana LUI
jeudi 30 mai 2013 - mercredi 24 juillet 2013

14h à 19h

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Cités des Immortels
mardi 26 mars 2013 - dimanche 26 mai 2013

La galerie Carole Decombe présente Diana Lui, "Cités des Immortels" du 26 mars au 26 mai 2013.

Diana Lui, photographe franco-belge d'origine chinoise de Malaisie a étudié en Californie, tout d'abord à UCLA puis à l'école d'Art et de Design de Pasadena. Elle y apprend toutes les techniques de la photographie mais également le dessin, la peinture, la gravure.

Diana vit à Paris depuis longtemps, son travail est présenté dans le monde entier, elle enchaîne les expositions personnelles et collectives. Son travail fait partie de collections institutionnelles comme la BNF à Paris, le Museo Bellas Arte à Caracas, le musée des beaux-arts de Canton...

Son projet photographique commencé il y a plus de vingt ans, consiste à voyager de par le monde avec son appareil grande chambre (20 x 25). Elle nous fait découvrir ici des vues prises en Chine et en Russie comme des "paysages sans fin, mythiques, improbables, cependant bien réels. Dans ces espaces vacants, les cités émergeaient de la nuit telles des diamants, inscrites dans les montagnes bleu-velours; les usines s'égrenaient le long d'un désert de neige telles des châteaux d'une époque rendue; les châteaux se dressaient fiers et solitaires telles des tours de guêt".

Nous sommes heureuses d'avoir travaillé avec Choï pour les tirages argentiques et avec Fanny Boucher pour les héliogravures.