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Carré Rive Gauche
Textile arts, Twentieth century art and design

7 Quai Voltaire
75007 Paris
T. +33(0)1 42 25 24 00

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Texte galerie

Didier Marien, has been an antiques dealer since 1987 and is recognised in the business as one of the biggest experts and dealers in the field of French carpets and tapestries in the world.
With his “BOCCARA DESIGN" collection he has set a new trend by creating exclusive hand made carpets that are fully consistent with the finest French traditions.
This collection is considered to be at the cutting edge of French rug making by some of the biggest collectors, designers and museums. And indeed this collection has original pieces by such designers as, Gleizes, Herbin, as well as the work of other avant-garde artists.
Though a choice of limited édition créations developped with famous artists ans designers and brought to life by the best craftsmen from France, they perpetuate the tradition of the french luxury"