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Carré Rive Gauche
Alvaro Roquette
& Pedro Aguiar Branco

Indo Portuguese colonial furniture
ivory, jewelry Renaissance and Silver

Alvaro Roquette & Pedro Aguiar Branco
19 rue de Beaune
75007 Paris
M. +33(0)6 73 31 91 65

Rua D. Pedro V 69
P-1250-094 Lisbonne
T. +351 21 34 21 682
M. +351 96 74 23 311
M. +351 93 24 16 590
F. +351 22 55 08 154

News of the Gallery


Texte galerie

The AR-PAB gallery was founded in 2007 by Pedro Aguiar Branco and Alvaro Roquette who have worked in the antiques market for twenty-five and fifteen years respectively. Pedro Aguiar Branco also founded the company V.O.C. Antiguidades, Lda in 1990. The gallery’s area of expertise stretches from furniture and works of art from the time of the Portuguese Discoveries to the art that developed from Portuguese contact with Africa and the East; Art of the Portuguese Expansion influenced by African, Indian, Singhalese, Chinese and Japanese art. Gallery AR-PAB presents a wide variety of items, from silver, furniture, sculpture, curios, ivories and jewellery to Portuguese and South American colonial art dating from the Renaissance to the 19th century.